The ‘Before You Buy’ a Dancing Pole Checklist 

We’ve put together the essential checklist to go through before you purchase your new dancing pole or pole podium! Please ensure you read this before you purchase to make sure you get the right equipment for you:

Measurements and Space

We’ll get the most important one ticked off first...have you measured the space?! Poles and Xstages require space to dance safely and much like a sofa, you will need to check if it will fit properly in your house/ chosen area. If there is not enough space, this can lead to damage and even injury so it is very important that the overall size is considered.


You will need to be able to fully rotate around the pole with your arms outstretched and NOT be able to touch/hit anything whilst doing so . 


If you are purchasing an X-Stage, this will require an area greater than the diameter of the stage itself all around the stage to dance safely. Therefore, the required area should be a minimum of 3m in diameter. Check out this video of how an X-Stage is installed before you purchase so you know what to expect when it arrives! 


Ceiling Types & Suitability

Concrete ceilings are the best ceilings for poles however conventional ceilings with a beam or joist is also suitable.  If  you have a hollow ceiling or suspended ceiling then the poles are a no go - you want to be looking at an X-Stage! For example if you are installing the pole where the ceiling pops out this will not work as the pole creates pressure on the ceiling to stay up (no drilling required!) but if your ceiling cannot create that pressure then they will not stay up and will not be safe to even attempt.  


What is your ceiling height? This is very important to get exact measurements as every mm counts when installing. The smallest height the pole can reach is 7ft 4’’ and the tallest without extensions is 9ft. With extensions the tallest the pole can reach is 11ft. Any ceiling taller than 11ft will not be suitable for normal pole kits, this height requires specialized competition poles that have dual lined beams for support. Please contact us if this is something you require.


Which pole is right for your experience level?

Beginner - Xsport is a static pole and we recommend the XSport for beginners as this pole is the cheapest in our range and great for building confidence.  Please keep in mind that these poles can’t be upgraded in future to make it a spinning pole. 


Advanced (or wanting to become advanced!) - The Xpert pole is in the name, this pole is great for seasoned dancers as it enables easier position changes. This pole is both Static and Spinning. If you’re still in training but know you want to eventually get to using a spinning pole, we highly recommend considering a pole with interchangeable settings from the start.


Daily Dancer - If you’re an avid user of your pole and like to flip between spinning and static often, we would highly recommend upgrading to a Xpert PRO model which boasts the famous X-Lock system for easy switching.


Which size pole is right for you?

Pole diameter is important - we stock 2 sizes of poles, the 40mm and 45mm. The 45mm is industry standard but the smaller diameter is better for people with smaller hands as it is easier to control your movements. More information about the poles including details about finish can be found here: 


Are you renting? 

X-Poles do not require permanent fitting and are secured via pressure created between the ceiling and the floor. Although this is not a permanent fixture it may be a good idea to let your landlord know. If set up and maintained correctly the poles will not leave any damage or permanent markings. 



All of the poles/ stages stocked do come with a guide; please see our installation page. 


If you are unsure about any of the above, our dedicated customer service team are happy to answer any questions you may have. As costs will incur will if a stage or pole needs to be sent back it is very important that all the checks are carried out!