Q. What courier do you use and is it possible to obtain a tracking number?

A. We use a variety of couriers to deliver our poles. Once you place your order we send a consignment number so you can track your parcel online or via telephone.

Q. Which finish to choose with your X-Pole?

A. Depending on which pole you decide to purchase, you may get the chance to choose which finish you would like on the pole.

Chrome:  Chrome poles are great for those who want to perform all types of tricks on their pole. This is a good middle of the road metal that works with most skin types and climates. A perfect pole for beginners.

Brass: The grippiest choice of the metals, brass is porous and works well for those with sweaty hands.

Titanium Coated: This has the grip benefits of a brass pole without the special care limitations.

Q. What comes with my X-Pole?

A. All X-Poles come with their very own carry case, making them very portable. Of course the pole itself, x-joint system and support dome come with the delivery. As well we send a free pole dancing DVD with every X-Pole order.

Q. What floor can an X-Pole be used on?

A. X-Poles can be set up on a range of floors including concrete, carpet, tiles or wood floor. Please take extra care when installing on a wooden floor to make sure the pole is secure.

Q. Do X-Poles Spin?

A. X-Pole Xperts, X-Stage and X-Stage Lites include a spin/static function. X-Sport can only be used as a static pole.

Q. How much space do I need to leave around my pole?

A. We advise the more space you have the better as this give you more room to practise. A good rule of thumb is to have a free 3 metre diameter space around your pole, so 1.5m away from the pole in all directions.

Q. How strong is an X-Pole?

A. X-Pole has been designed to withhold the demands of the world’s most professional dancers.  The X-Pole has been tested with two dancers performing different moves at the same time on. So as long as your pole has been set up properly you should be fine.

Q. Will the X-Pole damage my ceiling or floor?

A. The design of the X-Pole dome allows for installation without you having to drill into the ceiling. Silicone has been used on the contact points to help prevent scratching. The base can cause a ring shaped mark on carpets, as can be expected with any heavy furniture. To avoid this take down the pole regularly to avoid carpet indentation.

Q. How long do it take to put up an X-Pole?

A. The first time you put up your X-Pole it will take you around 10 minutes to erect. After you have taken it up and down a few times you will speed up the process and it should only take a few minutes.

Q. What clothes should I wear when dancing or doing pole fitness?

A. Skin contact on your pole creates good grip so lesser clothes can be better. Otherwise you can use chalk grip on areas to get greater grip. Also thigh protectors and gloves can be worn to help with grip when you are practising.

Q. How should I clean my pole?

A. If you wipe down your pole after every use using glass cleaner or a strong alcohol.

Q. How long will my pole take to be delivered?

A. If you put your pole order in before 3pm weekdays it will be dispatched the same day and will be delivered with you the next working day. This applies to addresses in UK mainland, if your address is outside of the area, for example the highlands an extra shipping fee may be incurred.  

If you have any questions that have not been answered please feel free to give us a call on 0114 2721136 or email support@yorkshireproducts.co.uk