GRIP + GLOW Body Grip is a revolutionary new range of liquid pole dancing grips, designed to keep you stuck to your pole, without drying out your skin. Here at My Dancing Pole we have been on the hunt for nearly a decade to find a grip that is not only safe and effective, but that leaves your skin soft, subtle and glowing and this range ticks all our boxes. 


Introducing the first 100% Vegan Friendly pole grip range with ethically sourced ingredients, this range is suitable for anyone and everyone, all skin-types included. 


Looking for the best pole dancing grip?  GRIP + GLOW has a range of 4 different scents to choose from on My Dancing Pole, including Coming Up Roses, Totally Beachin, Gaga for Grapefruit & our team’s personal favorite, If You Like Pina Colada.


GRIP + GLOW is designed to help your body stick to the pole or hoop and is best used on upper arms, thighs and legs, to help you lock in your hold and also your skin's natural moisture as each bottle contains no alcohol. 


How to use GRIP + GLOW

Why My Dancing Pole LOVES Grip + Glow

GRIP + GLOW does exacly what it says on the label, it allows your to grip to your pole and glow (since the formula is created to not dry out your skin)! Compared to other grips on the market that leave a chalky mess and resiue even after washing, this range leaves your skin soft, subtle and smelling devine - even after an intense routine!