iTac2 Sports Grip

iTac2 sports grip was created in Australia in 2007 after the creator wanted a better grip when playing golf. With expertise in resin and waxes, iTac2 grip was developed with sports performance in mind and how to get the best results. iTac2 sports grip is now used in over 65 countries and is used during a whole host of sporting competitions for lots of different sports including pole athletes and Olympians. 


The iTac2 grip is a natural Australian beeswax-based product blended with plants. The grip is available in two sticks, either regular or extra. The regular iTac2 grip is best used on static poles whereas the extra iTac2 grip is best used on spinning poles. The patented formula of the grip adds the perfect amount of moisture to provide more stickiness which helps increase control.  

How to use: 

Why My Dancing Pole Loves Them

The iTac2 grip is practically invisible, making it a ‘secret weapon’ when it comes to trying harder pole dancing tricks. It comes off very easily and due to its plant-based properties it doesn’t leave skin dried out. You only need to use a little bit of the iTac2 grip as it goes a very long way! It is used by lots of top pole dancers which fills us with confidence in the product. We felt very secure!