Mega Grip

Mega Grip liquid chalk is applied to the hands and feet to increase grip and reduce overall sweating when carrying out active sports. Originally designed for climbing, this great brand have created a liquid chalk can be used for lots of sports such as pole dancing, golf, gymnastics, weight lifting and any other sports that require a strong grip. Available in a 250ml bottle that easily fits into a gym bag or brought in bulk with a low price for fitness studios. 

Mega grip also works in different weather conditions including rain and wet weather or hot weather that would increase sweating during performance and fitness sports. Mega Grip lasts throughout a long sporting activity, although the length of time will depend on the activity and individual. Due to its quick drying application, it can easily be applied throughout. 


How to use: 

Why My Dancing Pole Loves Them

Mega Grip doesn’t leave a chalky mess and is easy to remove once finished. Its functionality is definitely in the name as it really does give you mega grip! Mega grip has also been on the market for a long time and the product itself has only increased in popularity due to providing great grip for a wide range of sports. Due to it being alcohol based it doesn’t smell musty like chalk blocks and it doesn't transfer to equipment, which makes it the perfect grip to use on a pole.