Sticky Molly

Sticky Molly is a popular pole dancing company situated in the Ukraine that creates essential products for pole dancers such as liquid chalk and liquid rosin. Their quality pole dancing accessories are created by experts for pole dancing in mind and are continuously upgrading and developing their products to keep the pole dancer in mind. The liquid chalk and rosin can be used by every level of pole dancer from a beginner just starting on their pole journey to a professional pole dancer who carries out advanced pole tricks and moves. 

Liquid Chalk 

Sticky Molly’s liquid chalk is available in 2 different handy sizes, 40ml and 100ml depending on your usage (the 40ml fits really well in sports bags!) The chalk itself prevents your hands from sweating and helps keep your grip while pole dancing. Sticky Molly chalk is designed to not flake while using and doesn’t stain clothes. Its optimum last time is around 5 hours - again depending on usage - it is quite economical so great for using during training sessions as well as more complex tricks. 


How to use: 

Liquid Rosin

Sticky Molly’s rosin makes your hands very sticky! It can also be applied to hips and lower legs as an inexpensive wax alternative on dry areas that require more grip! This easy to use spray bottle contains a new way to improve grip while pole dancing and helps those areas that are prone to sliding. This means it is especially good while trying aerial pole dancing tricks or routines as you can concentrate on the exercise and less on the potential sliding while in the air.   


How to use: 

Why My Dancing Pole Loves Them

Sticky Molly are continuously developing their products to keep up to date with changing pole dance trends or issues that mean we as pole dancers can try new tricks and moves with confidence. With over 200 top reviews, the quality of their pole accessories shines as more of the pole community try and fall in love with their best selling chalk and rosin. We have found that the Sticky Molly chalk lasts, doesn’t flake and smells so good which is a bonus finishing on the pole and not getting left with that weird chalk smell!