We know there is a lot to consider when choosing your X-Pole, you need to make sure it is right for you! The aim of this guide is to help you understand each element of an X-Pole and cater it to your own needs and preferences not just for now, but for the dancer you'll become in time the more you dance. Here at My Dancing Pole, we know purchasing an X-Pole is a big investment for most and we want to be sure our customers are well informed on how to pick the right pole for them so you get as much value for money as possible!


  1. Pole Type (X-Pole VS XStages)
  2. Permanent VS Pressure Fittings
  3. Difference in X-Pole Models (Sport VS Xpert / Static VS Spinning)
  4. Pole Diameter
  5. Pole Finishes

X-Pole Type (X-Pole VS XStages)

Firstly, you need to know if you are wanting to use your pole only indoors or if you want the option to take your dancing outdoors. If you're strictly an indoors kind of dancer, a standard X-Pole 'fitted' (that is supported between the ceiling and the floor) is what you're looking for. However, if you want the choice to take your dancing outdoors or in places with tricky ceilings, then you will be needing to look at our X-Pole XStages which are freestanding poles weighted down by the stage base.

Permanent VS Pressure Fitting

If you're going for the X-Pole (which is supported by a ceiling and floor!) you can decide how the pole is fitted in new pole room. X-Pole are famous for their pressure mounted design, without the need for screws, bolts or permanent fixings, as long as they are under either a joist/beam or solid ceiling, within the range of the safe usable heights - the pole is secured by pressure alone! This is perfect for anyone living in a rental situation where you don't want to leave behind marks for your landlord - or if you just don't want to scuff your own walls or floors!

You can also purchase permanent fittings for your X-Poles if you would prefer, using products sold separately (as pressure fitting is standard with X-Poles!) such as Ball Mounts.

XStages require no fitting as they are secured to the ground by their base weight, making them completely freestanding!

Difference in X-Pole Models

Once you've picked your Pole Type, you will need to select your model, which is different depending on if you have chosen an X-Pole or an XStage.

X-Poles have 3 model types which are the Sport, Xpert (Classic) and PRO Xpert.

X-Pole SPORT: The X-Pole Sport is the only X-Pole pole with only the static setting which makes it the cheapest pole to purchase due to its limited features. Sports are good for dancers just starting out and testing the waters of pole dancing, however if you are really looking to develop your skills, we would really advise a pole with more diversity.

X-Pole XPert (Classic): The X-Pole XPert Classic model is just that, a classic! The Xpert provides dancers the option to change between spinning and static settings by using an alan key to change the settings. XPerts are our most popular model of XPert as it offers both spinning and static settings, meaning that beginners can build up to using a spinning pole setting. Suitable for beginners to intermediate dancers.

X-Pole PRO Xpert: The X-Pole Xpert PRO model is the developed or upgraded version of the XPert classic, with the main new feature being the X-Lock mechanics, allowing dancers to easily change between static and spinning mode with just a spin of the X-Lock, no alan key needed! The PRO model of the Xpert is perfect for dancers who use their poles on the regular and like to easily flip between settings.

XStage Original: The Original X-Stage (or OG as we call it!) is the very first Stage X-Pole created and is famous for its super-sturdy stage base, with a raised platform podium. For those dancers wanting to have their stage set up on a more permanent basis, we'd recommend the original stage All XStages are fitted with an Xpert pole, allowing for static and spinning settings!

XStage Lite: The 'Lite' does exactly what it says, it is lighter - 20kg lighter than the original to be exact! This is the perfect stage for dancers out on the go or looking for a more light weight option for your stage. All XStages are fitted with an Xpert pole, allowing for static and spinning settings!

Pole Diameter

A simple but very integral part of choosing a pole as this will help you have better grip if selected correctly! The diameter of the pole reference to the girth (thickness of the pole). X-Pole now only manufacture 2 sizes which are 40mm and 45mm as the 50mm models have all been discontinued from their range.

The 45mm has always been the most popular size and suits most dancers, this is the industry standard and is what is used in most studios.

If you have smaller hands, we would recommend the 40mm pole but this is very much down to personal preference. Choosing a pole that is too thick for your hands can make it harder to control your grip when dancing.

Pole Finishes

X-Pole provide a great range of finish types for all of their models however not all models are available in all finishes - we're not really sure why this is exactly as we'd love to have all models in all finish types, so if you are favouring a particular finish over the importance of the model, its important to check which is available for what model. The more professional models (PRO Xperts and XStages) have the largest range of finishes.

Chrome – The industry standard finish and a good all-rounder for all levels of skill/experience. High grade steel poles are coated in Chrome and polished to a high finish.

Stainless Steel – A great alternative to Chrome or Brass and very hard wearing. Stainless Steel poles are polished to a mirror finish. Also good for polers with nickel allergies and ideal for commercial environments (studios and gyms) with a lot of polers!

Brass – Great in hotter climates as the grip factor increases with the ambient temperature and the perfect choice for polers with nickel allergies. The brass pole appears more golden (similar to the Titanium Gold when it first arrives!) but will oxidise over time and use to the brass photo shown in photos.

Titanium Gold – Chrome poles are taken and electronically coated with the finish for an enhanced grip.

Powder Coat (Black, Pink & White) – Useful for people who struggle to grip standard metal poles. Very high grip factor! Steel poles are powder coated and baked to seal the finish. Available in black, white and hot pink!

Silicone (Black & Pink) – The ultimate easy grip pole! Minimal skin to pole contact needed. Steel poles have a silicone sleeve attached to the surface of the pole. Available in 45mm pole diameter only.