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The X-Pole Sport is incredibly sturdy, simple to use and to install and has been specially developed by X-Pole to help beginners become more accustomed to the Pole Dancing sport. Using an X-Pole Sport is the perfect pole to kickstart your experience- whether it be as a sport or for entertainment; you will be sure to get your money’s worth out of this pole set. Despite being made with new dancer’s in mind, the X-Pole Sport is of amazing quality and therefore suitable for even the most professional and experienced at this sport!

The X-Pole team spent careful time researching and developing this set to be as simple yet as cutting-edge as possible for all its users to enjoy to the best of their ability. This X-Pole model utilises the revolutionary new X-Joint system to allow for us users to have a speedy set-up whilst also still maintaining it’s professional-grade quality. The X-Pole Sport uses bottom loading, which basically means that life is so much easier when it comes to installation and assembly of the pole as you can insert it from the bottom rather than requiring ladders to reach the ceiling attachment. Another fantastic benefit that was added to this pole is that even though the pole must be set up and is provided in separate sections, once it has been assembled correctly, the pole still has a remarkably smooth surface- ideal for your hard-working hands as they will be comfier to grip the pole with. For the safety of the SPORT Pole as well as future use by you, we do provide the carry case you can see here too!

X-Pole Sport’s Key Features Include:

  • STATIC ONLY- Spin poles are available (See XPERT Poles)
  • Bottom Loading Pole- So no step ladders will be required for set-up.
  • Revolutionary X-Joints that are simple and quick to use and install.
  • Completely Smooth Pole Finish- No bumps or ridges to show where the pole has been put together.
  • Small Upper Plate- For installation under one joist.
  • Foam Cover Provided.
  • Extendable Pole from 2235mm (7’4’’) to 2745 (9’) from the box.
  • Carry Case is Included to hold the complete Sport Pole.
  • Detailed Instruction Manual


  • Main A-Pole (Includes Adjuster/Nut).
  • Main B-Pole.
  • Extensions 125mm (1pc) & 250mm (1pc).
  • X-Joints- 180mm (1pc) & 200mm (2pcs).
  • Top Plate.
  • Base of Pole.

Before committing to the purchase of this Pole Set, please ensure that you have the correct measurements from the floor to the ceiling of where you would like this pole to be set up to get the suitable height. This will allow you to find out whether you will require any extra extensions for your pole to fit securely or not.

If you have a ceiling height below 2235mm, you would need to contact us directly to seek advice on how you could insert a pole that correctly fits into this smaller height.

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