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X-Pole XPert (Classic)

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X-Pole Xpert (NXN) - The World's Most Popular Dancing Pole 

Experience the world’s most popular dancing pole with the Xpole Xpert (NXN.) Available in a range of finishes including stylish chrome finish this easy to install pole with have you pole dancing at home in no time. The Xpert pole allows for both static and spinning pole routines so you are not restricted with what pole tricks you want try and perfect! 


There is no drilling required as the X-Pole pressure mounted system fits the pole to your ceiling enabling fast disassembling and travel. The Xpert pole fits ceiling height between 2285mm (7′ 6″) to 2785mm (9′ 2″,) with X-Pole extensions available if needed. Check out the X-Pole Xpert manual for more information on installation and our Customer Experience Team are available for any questions you may have.

My Dancing Pole also has a wide range of pole dancing accessories including pole grips available to help on your pole dancing journey.